About Famed Orthopedic Pioneer, Dr. Lanny

Dr. Lanny is Lanny L. Johnson, M.D. a world-recognized orthopedic surgeon known for, among other things, his contributions in pioneering arthroscopic surgery. Dr Lanny practiced orthopedics in Michigan for many years yet patients sought out his services from across the world. Dr. is also well known for helping some of the world’s most famous professional athletes get the most out of their careers. His patient list over the years reads like a who’s who of top professional athletes in football, baseball, professional golf and more.

While practicing, Dr Lanny invented the motorized instrumentation used even today in every arthroscopic procedure. His interests in electronic medical records and data collection resulted in the unique method of assisting patients in decision making concerning knee problems presented now on the Internet at KneeProblem.com.

Since the conclusion of his clinical practice of near thirty years, Dr. Lanny has devoted himself to research, publishing, and lecturing. His main research focus has been on knee problems, especially arthritis of the knee. These extensive studies have included examining how to cushion the knee joint from injury and or protect it from further arthritis.

Today, Dr. Lanny can still be found providing medical services to professional golf’s Senior Tour.

As his business card states, he is “working to make a difference”. Dr. Lanny and his team hope to do that for you through KneeProblem.com.