Frequently Asked Questions

Just how good is this method?


The personalized report on your knee problem could give you better insight than even an x-ray which gives different information. Our exclusive artificial intelligence combined with an algorithm that compares your answers with the detailed diagnosis of a database of knee injuries provides an astonishingly accurate report of what is most likely the cause of your problem and how to resolve it. The benefits of learning more about your problem can’t be understated.

How is this possible?


The questions we use were selected from answers given by thousands of people in whom the knee diagnosis was known. A scientific and statistical method was used in selecting the questions with the highest predictive value relative to each known knee problem (diagnosis). The questions with the highest predictive value make up the questionnaire, thereby enhancing the statistical power and the right diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

What do I get for my money?


For a low rate, you will receive a personalized, comprehensive, easy to understand report. Let us emphasize; It is not boiler plate general information, but A PERSONALIZED REPORT. It is unlikely you would get similar written report from your doctor. You get the report immediately after finishing the questionnaire and having your payment process. Your report will indicate your probable knee condition and whether surgery would be a benefit for you.

At such a low cost how can it be any good?


Most computer programs use Artificial Intelligence. We do as well, but we also use “real intelligence”. We have access to a unique, extensive clinical database that was developed and funded for patient care and medical research. We are able to deliver great results for little money based on the volume of reports we process.

How does payment work?


We do not ask for payment until after you have completed the questionnaire. We accept most credit cards. If for any reason, you do not want to receive the analysis, there is no charge. We also offer a FREE BONUS. Get a free 2nd analysis within six months of your 1st. (Use for same or other knee.)

Is this right for me?


If you’re experiencing any type of knee problem, chances are’s analytic capabilities will be a huge benefit. Get a truly independent 2nd opinion quickly and inexpensively. In some cases, it may be more accurate than a 1st opinion.  Provide details about your problem and view your report now!