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Ready for some answers? is revolutionizing the way people with a knee problem gain insight into what their injury might be and what possible treatment might be ahead. It all starts with your input. uses your answers to simple, straightforward questions then uses artificial intelligence, running your answers through a sophisticated algorithm to analyze your knee pain and provide a diagnosis in seconds.  Just like a doctor who uses past experience and education along with patient input to make a diagnosis, KneeProblem uses quantitative information from a large database of patient data to predict with a high level of certainty what is most likely causing your problem. 

Can your problem be resolved with the simple passage of time? Will it require medication or therapy? Might surgery be in your future? The faster you get educated, the faster you can get on the road to recovery. So start here and now with The cost is minimal and the answers you need are just a few clicks away.

  • Answers in as short as 10 minutes. Why be in the dark and risk worsening your problem?
  • The valuable report you receive is completely personalized based on the input you provided. You get a validated diagnosis and a therapeutic recommendation.
  • Inexpensive in time, energy and money. Gain critical insight for a minimal price.
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This assessment method involves you answering a series of questions concerning your knee problem. These questions were determined to have high predictive value in determining the source of knee problems. Your responses to this questionnaire will be instantaneously computed and yield a print out of what is causing your knee problem. The personalized report will indicate whether there is a condition in your knee that would probably be benefited by surgery.

Just how good is this method?

It may surprise you, but the personalized report on your knee problem will give you a more comprehensive insight to your problem than even a x-ray which gives different information.

How could this be?

Simply put, we ask the right questions. The questions used by were selected from answers given by thousands of people in whom the knee diagnosis was known. A scientific and statistical method was used in selecting the questions with the highest predictive value relative to each known knee problem (diagnosis). The questions with the highest predictive value make up the questionnaire, thereby enhancing the statistical power and the right diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

What do I get for my fee?

For the fee you pay, you will receive a personalized report. Let us emphasize; It is not boiler plate general information, but A PERSONALIZED REPORT. It is about you. The report is comprehensive and understandable. It is unlikely you would get similar written report from your doctor. You get the report immediately after finishing the questionnaire and providing payment information. Do not forget the REAL TIME aspect. Your report will indicate your probable knee condition and whether surgery would be a benefit for you. Take a look a the sample report. For general information and explanations about various knee conditions, you should avail yourself of other web sites. This site is about you.

At this price, how can this be any good?

Most computer programs use Artificial Intelliegence. We do as well, but in addition like to say with some humor, we use “real intelligence”. We have access to a unique extensive clinical database that was developed and funded for patient care and medical research. A review of the background information
, the sample report , and the privacy policy should be convincing.

Is this a real value?

We think so. Others think so. You will decide!

Free Bonus Offer: In addition, you will be entitled to a free second analysis any time in the following six months. You may use this free analysis for the same knee, or you may choose to use it for an analysis of your other knee.

We do not ask for payment until after you have completed the questionnaire. If for any reason, you do not want to receive the analysis, there is no charge.

After completing the questionnaire, you will be asked to submit your credit card information. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Should I do this?

You get to decide. There is no quicker and inexpensive means of getting a truly independent second opinion. It certainly will supplement a first opinion and in some situations may be better than some first opinions.

How do I do this?

The steps to obtain your report are:
1. Register with us.
2. Answer questions about your knee problem.
3. Provide payment information.
4. View and/or print your report.

Arthroscopic Pictures of Various Knee Problems:


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