After providing information on your pain, our algorithm determines the most likely condition causing your knee pain. It’s amazing and it’s just $37 to get a report that looks similar to this one..

Scientific Explanation

A clinical impression requires a foundation of evidence and subsequent confirmation. There is scientific and statistical foundation for the clinical impressions rendered in this report. Your responses to the questionnaire provided the evidence to make the above analysis. The foundation for the clinical impression was a comparison between your responses and the responses of patients from a large clinical database with knee conditions confirmed at surgery.

Utilizing™, it is possible to report the existence of a surgically treatable condition within your knee (clinical impression) and list various types of conditions.

This method of determining the presence of an operative condition has been validated and found to be 80% reliable.

Although the various conditions being considered by™ may be extensive, it is not possible to determine every and all conditions with high statistical certainty by this method. For instance, it is not possible from this database to make a determination of the presence or absence of rheumatoid arthritis, a torn lateral meniscus, or tumor. These three conditions would require additional assessment, physical examination, laboratory testing, and/or medical imaging. The analysis does not cover patients who previously had a total knee replacement.

People who are heavy smokers and have knee pain may have lung cancer and this consideration should be investigated independently by the visitor to our site.

The clinical impression or any one of the listed conditions rendered by™ is typically confirmed by various medical imaging tests or by direct visualization at the time of surgery. The information supplied in this report is intended to assist the health care provider and should not be the only determinant for diagnosis and treatment.

Since the use of this information and subsequent clinical decisions are beyond the control of Information Health Network, Information Health Network makes no warranty or representation regarding the results that may occur because of the use of this information.

It is hoped that this information will be helpful in the care and treatment of your knee problem.